Chefs + Robots Worldwide

Our portfolio of hotel, restaurant, and resort management has enabled us to grow through the years synergistic relationships with the world’s most talented, award-winning culinary and patisserie chefs.

collaborative ad agencies, this winning formula of Augmented Hospitality that blends food & beverage personalities and dynamic property partners not only delivers successful onsite-activation programs but compelling content capable of doubling earned media values in a sustainable manner.

Best Robots

Our team has advised and onboarded robotic and automation initiatives for Howard Hughes (Seaport NYC, Westin), Marriott, and IHG properties in the US and Asia.
Hotel-as-a-Hub utilizes robot and cloud-automation for cost effective ways to reduce operational costs, increase onsite earnings, while creating new revenue streams through secure data monetization.

Artificial Intelligence

CYBER/DINE helps global brands and local marketers transform dormant assets into new profit centers to help with pandemic recovery.

“Digital Twins offer property clients the ability to transform dormant brand assets.”

Brand Asset Transformation Portfolio: Howard Hughes, Philips Lifestyle

Restaurants, Hotels, and Resorts generates additional revenue streams by utilizing our company’s Intuitive AI that cross-markets and cross-sells to key demo clusters online and onsite.

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Cloud Infrastructure

Restaurants, Hotels, and Resorts generates additional revenue streams by Our media-tech agency enables brands to leverage over 300 different industry applications into 1 secure data monetization platform fully accessible on any authorized device through the cloud.

“eBIMs and Virtualization initiatives provides global brands a sustainable metaverse strategy.”

AR/VR Portfolio: Coty of Houston, CDC, DHHS

CYBER/DINE allows Sports Arenas and Stadiums to effectively engage customers and offsite audiences through compelling content, branded activations, and robotic displays that simultaneously increases customer-employee safety and protects risk mitigation protocols.

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