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Extensive portfolio including Howard Hughes, Fertitta/ Landry’s, Marriott and IHG.

OnDemand Workforce Solutions

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The HSKP360 TEAM has experience advising and supporting Travel & Hospitality clients for over 15 years.

prior to advising hotels such as Marriott and IHG on HSKP360’s OnDemand Workforce Solutions, she was an executive manager for property developer Howard Hughes (TWRCC, Westin), Melia Hotels, and Fertitta Entertainment’s Golden Nugget Casino Resort.
After immigrating from the Philippines to New York and Houston, she rapidly rose the ranks from Room Attendant, Supervisor, Night Manager, to eventually heading up the department of 70+ professionals for a 300+ suite and villa resort, 30,000 sq ft conference center, and 3 onsite award-winning restaurants at America’s #1 Best Place to Live (The Woodlands TX).
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360’s HSKP Robot Sourcing and Preventive Maintenance Solutions complements our OnDemand Workforce