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Mall-based Community Outreach

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OOH and Display Advertising are viable revenue generators for properties through transforming QR signs, TV monitors, and onsite displays powered by Robotic Proces Automation (RPA).
But equally important, properties need to make sure brand assets are monitored, maintained, and protected to ensure guest and employee safety while introducing new channels to generate revenue for enterprises.
Real-Time uplinks enable responders to address incidents before it escalates and robotic units’ monitoring capabilities will be mission-critical.

Automation + AI

RPA and BPM platforms allow a property’s underutilized/ dormant data centers and enable SaaS platforms powered by easy-to-use mobile solutions to support not just cost-efficient facilities management but also loyalty-rewards programs for both customers and employees.
Predictive AI allows a site — whether it’s an upscale 3-4 star hotel to luxurious resort-casinos — to utilize OnDemand Workforce Solutions to enable site owners to develop closer ties with the community while increasing outreach to double earned media values in a relatively short amount of time. 

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